1. Who can use booblift and their products?
      • Anyone who wants to simplify the usage of tricky clothes can use booblift. For the boob tape in particular any cup’s size will get the lift and support wanted.
2. Which Pros do booblift’s products have?
      • Booblift is all about supporting women and making their life easier. If you are interested in a specific product you can read their description on their link. This is a general list of Booblift’s pros:
            • Latex Free
            • Hypoallergenic
            • Waterproof
            • Instant Results
            • Strong Medical Grade Adhesive 
            • Breathable Design
            • No see-through
            • Skin Friendly
            • Works for any size of cup
            • No need to prepare area
            • Blends seamlessly
            • Serves as a temporary fix
    3. How to use the boob tape?
        • There are many ways to use the boob tape, here’s a picture for you to follow and select the use preferred. Is highly recommended to wear nipple covers under the boobtape if you choose to tape the nipples as well. 

      • How to take the boob tape off?
      1. The right way is to take it off gently while showering with hot water, but you can also apply baby oil or any kind of moisturizer for the glue to detach easily. 


        1. Which brands does NVRMND work with?
      • The denim’s brands are Flying Monkey and Vervet by Flying Monkey, both based and designed in Los Angeles. We chose them because of their high-quality and long lasting denim in addition to their trendy and timeless designs. On the other hand, t-shirts & sets are made and designed in México by our team.
        • How to choose the right size?
          • Here’s our size chart for you to follow up although we can assist you directly through our live chat.

          3. Is NVRMND just for women or men?

              • Although Flying Monkey’s denim is designed for women, we like to style it for everyone, clothes have no gender and you are entitled to enjoy whatever you like. T-shirts & sets are designed for both women and men.

            GOLDEN SOUL

            1. How to take care of your Golden Soul products?
            • Silver colored jewelry: Our silver jewelry is mostly stainless steel. This means it doesn’t need to be taken care of. It's alright if you take them to the beach, a swimming pool or any situation involving water. For Golden jewelry, please follow up this recommendations:
              • Do not apply perfume, spray or any moisturizing directly 
              • El not get wet
              • Do not get in wet places like for example the bathroom.

                COLORES TIERRA

                1. How long does the creating process take for one of our pieces?
                • To create a new bag we took about two weeks since it’s created entirely by hand, this helps us to ensure the high-quality our clients are expecting. 
                  • Which materials are used to create new bags?
                  • At Colores Tierra we care deeply for our environment, this is why our materials are carefully selected and our fabrics are made from recycled content from the textile industry. This is how our brand is contributing to the environment and growing the Slow-fashion culture.
                    • How to take care of my Colores Tierra’s unique piece?
                    • Taking the right care of our pieces will ensure their long lasting quality, limit washing until completely necessary. We recommend a cool hand wash with neutral soup or a gentle carve at the dirty spot using stain remover. Please avoid machine washing, hot water and harsh chemical detergents. 
                      • Why may colors vary or fade from the picture or another piece?
                      • By being a brand who uses recycled fabrics and being committed to the slow fashion industry, colors may vary although it is the same color variant. This means your piece is unique and was made with special care. 


                        1.  Which materials are used to create Virago’s Shoes?
                        • Our sandals are made with 100% vegan leather, this as a result of our interest to keep on the fight against animal cruelty in the textile industry. 
                          • How to choose the right size?
                          • Due to Virago being a mexican brand, we are currently using the mexican size structure but while choosing your size you can visualize both mexican and american size numbers. As a reminder, Mexican shoe’s sizing is based on centimeters which means you can actually measure your foot and select the same number of cms. If you are half number up please select a full number up.


                            1. How do I wash my pajamas?
                            • Our pajamas are machine-washable, and it’s preferable to hang them to dry instead of using a dryer. This will secure a long-term durability of your set.
                            1. How do Astrea Sleepwear deal with fabric waste? 
                            • We reduced our waste by incorporating the leftover fabric into an extra gift for our clients. This can be a scrunchie, a bandana, a hair band or another cool accessory. 
                            1. Where are the pajamas made?
                            • The pajamas are made in northern Mexico, a small town where these skills are highly valued. By buying from us, you can be assured that your purchase will help the empowerment of marginalized communities. 
                            1. Are custom orders available for Astrea Sleepwear? 
                            • Yes, in orders above 12 pieces we manage custom print orders for birthdays, bridesmaids, quinceañeras or simple sleepovers. Nonetheless, these orders may take up to 4 weeks to complete, so plan ahead!