Our denim is created to last you as many years as you take well care of them, here are some tips to ensure their longevity and encourage you to maintain their original fit and color as possible. 

  • WASH LESS - We recommend to wash your denim pieces when completely necessary, this will help to maintain fit, original color and prevent "rebound". Use some stain remover and an old toothbrush if you spot a stain instead of washing them.
  • COLD WATER - Washing with cold water inside out maintains the original color as much as possible. Please avoid harsh chemical detergents and soaps. This also saves energy (and money), making it better for your denim, your wallet and the environment.
  • AVOID DRYERS - Please hang up your denim on a shady space to avoid possible shrinkage, fabric warping or soggy pockets.

Taking care of your garments will extend their life and minimize your environmental footprint. This is how our brand is contributing to the environment and growing the Slow-fashion culture.